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Home Improvement Tips

Avoiding Financial Mistakes During Home Improvement

Let's face it. Home improvement projects can require a significant outlay of cash (or credit).
Here are some common financial mistakes home owners make--with tips on how to avoid them.

Kitchen Renovations
A kitchen renovation is a major home improvement project and one that should be preceded by plenty of discussion about
cooking and lifestyle needs. Some home owners become so frustrated with their current kitchens that they jump too quickly
into a kitchen renovation, which can result in:
  • Hiring the wrong contractor for the job
  • Buying appliances without considering functional and logistical issues
  • Ignoring practical issues such as storage
Instead, take a month or two to think about your ideal kitchen.
How much storage space do you want? Do you want a wall oven or a traditional range?
Will you add an island? What type of counter-top would suit you and your family the best?